Introduction: Resin Casting DIY Knife Handle

In here I'll show you how I cast a clear resin into my knife handle.
What you need is:
1. A handle from knife or a knife without handle
2. Clear Resin and it's catalyst
3. Small disposable cup for mixing resin
4. A stick for stirring (whatever you can find)
For without a handle, you can make a handle yourself with silicon mold. But in here I will show you how to sealed a handle with resin.

Step 1: Mixing Resin

First we mix the resin with catalyst. My resin and catalys ratio is 1:1 so it's half and half. Mixing resin carefully, not too fast and not too slow. Stirring too fast can cause too much bubble, and when you pour it, small bubble usually stay inside rather than pop out. I wan't a smooth finish for this.

Step 2: Pouring Per Layer

After mixing, I pour it to my knife handle. I pour it carefully to whole surface. In my case, there's hole in my surface and I want to seal it. So I fill that hole and make it flat with the surface. And wait until it's cured.

Step 3: Put Another Layer and Layer

When it's in curing process, the resin is dripping and when it's hard enough, it's make it's bottom surface wavy. When the whole surface is full of wet resin, I put it like in the photo (horizontally). I'm trying to make it not touching anything. If I put it vertically in first layer, it make it worse. The hole that I fill will dripping and make another wavy surface. So... Whatever.. I pour another layer. But it's still make a wavy surface. So I cut a dripping parts that hardened, and pour another layer...

Step 4: Finish

Not perfect, but I made it. At least I sealed the handle perfectly. :D