Parachuting Doll

Introduction: Parachuting Doll

As an older brother, I spent a lot of my time trying to annoy my little sister. One of the most effective ways that I discovered was to parachute her dolls from the second floor.

Today I'll teach you how to parachute a doll with everyday household items.

**You can build a parachuting doll just for fun and not solely to annoy your sister.


Doll (go wild, preferably not a porcelain doll those tend to break even with a decent parachute)

String X2

Small plastic bag

Step 1: Create a Loop in the String

Step 2: Tie One End of the String to the Doll

Step 3: Tie the Other End of the String to the Plastic Bag

Step 4: Toss the Doll From a High Place

and behold its glory

Step 5: Optional: Try Not to Hit Something on the Way

this is how Not to do it

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    Yaron Grushka
    Yaron Grushka

    1 year ago

    That's awesome! Pity I only have older sisters ;)


    1 year ago

    I bet if you used a big lawn/leaf trash bag, that doll would drift a bit more slowly :) Hopefully your sister isn't too mad :P