Introduction: Paracord Belt

Today, I will show you how to make a Paracord belt.

Step 1: Gather Materials

300 ft of Paracord (cut into 100 foot sections)
belt buckle

Step 2: Creating the Belt

create a cows hitch on the belt buckle (the side with the metal prong attached) create the cows hitch at rhe end of the cord. the shorter cord will be the core strands and this is how long the belt will be, don't worry about running out of cord because 100 feet of working cord has a lot of room to work with.

Step 3: Creating the Belt

Create a regular cow's hitch in the middle of the belt buckle through the metal prong

Step 4: Creating the Belt

Create a cows hitch exactly like the other red cord except the shorter cord is facing the other way

Step 5: Creating the Belt

Create a cobra braid on one side, then on the other IMPORTANT remember to cross the center strands and use the opposites in the next braid

Step 6: Creating the Belt

Continue the double cobra braid all the way until the desired length is reached IMPORTANT remember to cross the center strands of the belt

Step 7: Creating the Belt

Thread two strands of cord through the belt near the buckle on the back side of the belt and begin a cobra braid

Step 8:

Thread the cord through the opposite side of the belt (so there is a loop on the front)

Step 9: Creating the Belt

Start the cobra braid down the loop then cut and singe the ends.

Step 10: Finished

Congrats! You are now one of few that have created the Paracord belt! Tell your friends! Show your family! Remember to vote for me in the Great Outdoors contest!
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