Introduction: Paracord Bracelet With Fire Starter Buckle

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An EDC (every day carry) fire starter around your wrist!

Step 1: Supplies


~Measuring tape



~Flint Buckle

Step 2: Measuring Your Bracelet

To measure your bracelet wrap the ruler around your wrist and count how many inches you need for your bracelet (You need 1 foot of paracord per inch) for example: my bracelet is 8 inches long so I need 8 feet of paracord.

Note: If you want 2 colors then cut the paracord in half and fuse together

Once you have your paracord ready put it through your buckles and measure

Step 3: Braiding

Hopefully the pictures explain how to braid it. if you have any questions just comment and ill answer.

Note: on the right side braid on the right side only using only 2 strans (and use all left strans only on the left)

Step 4:

Step 5: Done!

I hope you've enjoyed this instructable!

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