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So I've seen the cork board USA but never a Chalkboard one. So I googled for one and it was $20! I wasn't willing to buy that for $20 so being my crafty/frugal self I found a way to make one for just $3.99 also it only took me less an hour to make. Without further ado here's my Instructable....

Step 1: Supplies

~ Cardboard

~ Scissors

~ Chalkboard paper or Chalkboard paint

~ Glue

~ Pencil (optional)

~ Something to flatten (I used a mason jar lid)

Step 2: Tracing and Cutting

So I just hand drew the USA on a huge piece of cardboard and carefully cut it out with my trusty scissors/exacto knife. Depending on how big you want your USA to be you can print the states according to how big you want it. My USA was 34x12 (I tried to use up the whole piece of cardboard) Like I said if you don't want to hand draw it on your cardboard then you can print and glue the outer States together.

Step 3: Applying the Chalkboard

I bought a roll of Chalkboard paper at Tuesday morning for $3.99 you can use Chalkboard paint if you like but then you might have to layer more cardboard (to make it more sturdy)

If your using Chalkboard paper then use a paintbrush to spread glue evenly then carefully lay the Chalkboard paper over the cardboard. When cutting off the extra Chalkboard paper leave about half and inch to make clean crips edges. To make the edges cleaner cut slits, fold over then glue (the smaller the slits the cleaner the edge)

(WARNING: Be very careful on the glue because it can make the paper soggy and wrinkly so don't use to much. If you do then don't panic, just carefully use a mason jar lid to flatten the bumps. Make sure the paper isn't to wet when you smooth it out or the paper will rip)

If you use Chalkboard paintyuu then just make sure the windows are open or you paint it in the garage and you have a piece of cardboard under so the access paint doesn't get all over the floor. Also you might want to wear a mask (just for extra safety)

Step 4: Done

Now let you heart draw whatever you want on your new USA Chalkboard! I hope you've enjoyed this Instructable

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