Introduction: Paracord Lanyard

Ever been stuck in the woods without any rope? Here is a great way to carry survival supplies and have paracord and a carabiner.

Step 1: Optional

If you want two colors connect the two ropes

Step 2: Making the Body

Fold the rope in half and lay it out as long as you want your lanyard I will call this part the body

Step 3: Making the Loop

Fold the loose ends over a meter stick

Step 4: The Knots

Take the blue rope over the body. Take the camo rope over the blue rope, under the body, and through the loop the blue rope made. Continue this process until you have about 3 inches left on the body.

Step 5: Looping the Lanyard

Take the rest of the body through the loops on the end.

Step 6: Securing the Loops

Make 1 knot in between the loops and then finish the rest of the body.

Step 7: Finishing It

Leave half of an inch at the very end. Cut the rest of the rope of and melt the ends so it doesn't come undone.

Step 8: Add Carabiner

Loop a carabiner on the end loop.

Step 9: Finished

Now you have a paracord lanyard for your keys. And you have paracord in case you get lost.
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