Magnetic Paracord Ratchet Release Assistant for Slackline Setups

Introduction: Magnetic Paracord Ratchet Release Assistant for Slackline Setups

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This tutorial will show you how to make a handle that will make it easier and easier to tear down your slackline. The 2nd and 3rd images illustrate why this upgrade will help. I got a little bit from the ratchet when I tore it down with out this added handle, while I only had a little blood blister I would like to prevent future injuries.

The materials you will need are:

- A foot or two of paracord:

- Some super glue

- A few small neodymium magnets

- A steel tent pole connector or similar sized piece of ferrous pipe.

The tools you will need are:

- Scissors

- Lighter or matches

- Pliers

Step 1: Tying a Figure 8 Loop

To connect the extra handle to the locking mechanism you will need to tie some paracord around it. I found that the "Figure 8 Loop" works well here, I use it when I go climbing so it should be plenty strong.

Over the years I learned this knot and forgot it until a fellow scout taught me a story that made it stick. TW: Strangle/Violence

1. Make a loop for the zombies head.

2. Wrap a loop around the zombies neck, this will stop it from om nom nomming your brains!

3. Take the end of the loop and stab it through the zombies face!

4. Pull taught until you have a nice looking 8. Leave a little slack as the rope will have to go through the eyes of the 8.

5. Loop the end of the rope around the point you wish to anchor to. Thread the rope through the holes of the eyes, follow the rope that made the original 8.

6. Pull tight to finish.

Step 2: Adding the Handle

1. Once one knot is tied thread the other end of the rope through the tent pole connector.

2. Tie the remaining end or the rope as seen in the last step.

3. Trim the excess rope off.

4. Heat the frayed bits slightly with a lighter or match. It doesn't have to be on fire just softened.

5. Squeeze with pliers while the end is still warm

6. Enjoy your fray free end!

Step 3: Adding Magnets

I had some small neodymium magnets lying around so I thought I'd make sure the handle stayed put when not in use.

1. Arrange the magnets in a way that will hold the handle. Your ratchet may be different and my exact spot for the magnets might not work, play around to find a spot that fits best.

2. With the magnets carefully positioned add a drop of super glue to keep the magnets from sliding.

3. Wait for the glue to set and your finished! While super glue will dry instantly when pressed between your fingers, it wont dry quickly if there is too much glue on your work, so be careful when using super glue.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! The last time my buddy came to town we had a hard time taking the setup down so I came up with this solution.