Introduction: Paracord Whip

This project takes some time but it's worth it. I haven't made a whip in a while so it doesn't look perfect but it works great. My brother taught me how to make this.

Step 1: What You Need

Supplies: paracord, 1 in pvc pipe and cap, duck tape, and floss.

Tools: scissors, matches or lighter, and a tape measure.

Step 2: Cut Some Rope

Cut a 12 ft piece, then a 10 ft, then 8 ft, 6 ft, 4 ft, 2 ft. Burn the ends.

Step 3: Starting the Core

Collect all the ends together and put them in a vise. Starting 6 inches from the ends wrap floss down the whole whip until you get to the one strand of paracord.

Step 4: Finishing the Core

Now do the same thing with duck tape.

Step 5: Attaching the Core to the Handle

Duck tape the 6 inch ends to the pvc pipe. Put the cap on the pvc pipe.

Step 6: Cutting More String

Cut, burn, and mark the middles of four 18 ft pieces of cord.

Step 7: Start the Weave

Put the middle of two cords on the back of the pipe. Cross them over the top, right over left. Then slide the other two cords half way in. Start weaving.

Step 8: How to Weave

Hold the two cords in one hand. Move it under the pipe and back on top then back where you started except put it on the bottom. Take turns doing this pattern on either side. Right now you're acting like two cords are one. If you want the back of the braid to look better on the handle use more strings and act like they're one.

Step 9: When You Get to the Joint

Unless you want to do two layers of cord, put a matching piece of tape on the joint. This will make it stronger and look better.

Step 10: When You Run Out of String

Tie the extra string down with floss. Start over overlapping a little bit except use two pieces of 10 ft and weave one strand at a time.

Step 11: When You Run Out of That String

From now on gut the paracord. I just used the rest of my cord which was two pieces of 20 1/2 ft and that made it most of the way and then I finished it with scraps.

Step 12: How to Finish

Tie the last pieces together, cut them, and burn them.

Step 13: Last But Not Least

Tie a two ft piece of paracord guts to the end of the whip. Make sure there's a knot at the end of the cord not the end of the guts.