Introduction: Parasol Hat

About: i'm an industrial designer who believe in spreading the new technologies and options that this open-source world gives us! I like to design and to make and to challenge myself.

This is a cool project i made originally for a summer exhibition.
Its a unique cap for the summer.

The materials you will need for this:
1.Flexible plastic sheet- the inside part that gives this hat the stability. 45X45 CM X 1
2. Fabric-you can choose any color. its better to use a hard textile like jeans. 45X45 CM X 2
3. strong glue. X 1

You can use any software that make DXF files for laser cut
I used inkscape:

**Note- all of the measures in the instructions are in millimeter!

Enjoy! :)

Step 1: Drawing the Inside and Outside Circle

Open a new document. its recommend do define the size of the sheet 450 X 450 mm.

1. Draw one circle and define it 180 X 180 mm (or you can measure the diameter of your head...).
2. Draw second circle and define it 400 X 400 mm.
3. Align them together-horizontal and vertical. (on the right side you have the option to align)

Step 2: Drawing the Shape for the Pattern

1. Draw a offset circle for the outside circle - 390 X 390 mm
2. Draw a offset circle for the inside circle - 190 X 190 mm
3. draw 2 diagonal lines between the two offset circles and combine the lines into one shape as you can see in the picture above.
(for the combination between the lines use options from the "Path" menu.

Step 3: Circular Pattern

1. Now you need to copy the shape in circular pattern. I used this tutorial for it-
(pay attention for the definitions in the checkbox)

After this step- save this as DXF file with the name- "outside cut"
(you gonna use this twice later)

Step 4: Fish-bun Cut for the Warp

We use this file for closing the fabric part over the plastic.

1. Draw a fish-bun like in the picture above.
2. Copy it in a circular pattern s you did before.
3. Delete all the copies of the "old pattern" as you can see in the second picture above.

Step 5: Closing Loose Ends

Now we want to take care fore nice finish.

1. Draw a offset circle for the outside circle - 440 X 440 mm
2. Draw a offset circle for the inside circle - 160 X 160 mm
3. Now draw around the two "rings" connecting lines as you can see at the picture.
4. Delete the 2 original circles!
5. Save this file as DXF file with the name- "inside cut"

Step 6: Laser-cutting the Files

Now we have two files (as you can see also in the picture): "outside cut", "inside cut"-both DXF

1. Cutting the fabric- one time each file. total 2 cuts for the fabric.
2. Cutting the flexible plastic sheet- "outside cut"(not the fish-bune). total one time.

3. After cutting the three pices, glue them together:

  • First glue the "fish-bune" to the plastic sheet. take care that it fits.
  • From the back side, glue all the small edges to the plastic sheet
  • Now take the other fabric and glue it strict so it cover the small edges.

Step 7: Wait for Sunny Days! :)