Introduction: Paring Knife Fix

I was asked to restore a paring knife. I had been wanting to make a knife for a while now and figured this would be a good introduction. It seems that ever since I got a CNC, all projects look like CNC projects to me. This could have also been done by hand but I wanted to improve my 3D modelling capability and practice toolpath configuration so I went the CNC route.


  • Wood for the handle - I chose Maple
  • Epoxy - I used West Systems G/flex
  • Brass rod for the pins- I ordered on Amazon
  • Sandpaper
  • Danish Oil

Step 1: Take Pictures of Existing Knife

I used Fusion 360 to create the model. If you take a picture of the object beside a measurement device it is really easy to scale the image in Fusion 360 so that the sketch is exactly to scale.

Step 2: Import Images Into Fusion 360

  1. Insert image as canvas
  2. Right click on specific canvas and choose calibrate
  3. Click two reference points on ruler or caliper and type in actual length

Image will be scaled to exact dimensions

Step 3: Trace Pictures and Create Replica

  1. Trace the image using the sketch functionality
  2. Once sketch is complete, extrude to proper dimensions
  3. Since this knife is two piece, I created one side and then mirrored it to get an exact opposite

Step 4: CAM: Generate Gcode

  1. Change over to the "Manufacture" interface
  2. Specify the setup and starting material dimensions
  3. I used a single bit (1/8") and three operations to cut out these handles
    1. (T1) Face - My starting material was thicker than needed, so this brought it down to the required thickness
    2. (T1) 2D pocket- cut out the specific pocket for the knife blade to sit in
    3. (T1) 2D Contour - cut around the profile of the blade handles

Step 5: Cut Out on CNC

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of this...

Step 6: Drill Pin Holes and Epoxy Handle

  1. Drill out pin holes
  2. Epoxy the handles together with the brass rod
  3. Trim brass rod and peen over

Step 7: Finish Handle

  • I sanded the knife and then used Danish oil to finish

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