Introduction: Park

It's a nice and pleasant park with a pond, a slide, a table, and a swing set!

Step 1: Building the Base

I started the base by dragging a few squares onto the baseplate and changing their size, color, and radius. A problem I ran into with this was that the land didn't look very realistic because it had perfectly shaped hills. I solved this by making another square, making it a hole, rotating it 45 degrees, and then resizing it.

Step 2: Adding Character

After building the base, I added a few rough trees that I had previously designed. It was hard to move them around because I couldn't group them because then they would be one whole color.

Step 3: Adding Activities

After I had created some space for activities, I actually began to add them. I added a pond, a swing set, a table, and a slide. I ran into a problem with grouping once again where I had to move objects away from the base so I could group them without grouping them to the baseplate.

Step 4: The End

Thanks for reading and I hope you like my design! :D