Introduction: Parkinson Mobile Phone Support

Someone that suffers Parkinson or just has bad pulse, usually has serious problem to visualise a static image on their phone.

Well, this problem is solved now, with this gadget everyone can leave their phones in most every place, with the position they adjust (it can be open 63º (from 90º to 27º)) (it can also be put horizontally ), besides this invention is portable, as it is stick to the phone case.


  • PLA filament
  • Glue Gun
  • Silicone
  • Some glue/silicone/ to stick the gadget to the phone case.
  • Optional : 3 toothpicks.

Step 1: Sketch

I did some general sketch, with the measures of my phone (Samsung Grand Prime), besides I also though in diferent ways of doing it. I ended up choosing this one, because I though it was the most effective one.

In case you are going to download or print the model I strongly recommend you to take a look to the measure of your phone, not so much the width, just the heigh,

If the distance between the botton and the camera is shorter than 11 cm, you will have to short the stl model.

Step 2: Design

I designed it using 360 fusion.

In the file you will find 2 different supports:

  1. One with a width of 7,5 mm
  2. One with a width of 3,5 mm

They are both composed of 18 parts , later you will see that not all of them are strictly necessary.

Here I let you the 360 fusion file.

Step 3: Print

I Printed the models.

The two of them work perfectly.

  1. The parts of the thicker one were perfectly printed, they were strong enough.
  2. In the thinnest model, the parts were perfectly printed , but the cylinders that are shown in the image were not very strong (at least in my printer if you have a printer you are sure it won't have this problem, perfect! :) ), so I ended up using some toothpicks instead. They perfetcly fit.

These are the parameter i used to print it :

I have a Geeetech E180 and I used PLA filament.

  1. Infill 10%
  2. Normal speed
  3. No support
  4. No raft
  5. 0,2 quality

Step 4: Assembly

I assemble everything as it is shown in the right photo, as you can see some parts are just filling so the important parts do not move (they are not strictly necessary).

Step 5: Optional

I realised that the support was constantlysliding, that is why I put silicone in every part that touch the floor. so at the end the support was non-stick.

Moreover, I join the 2 sticks (with a toothpick) shown in the picture to make them move together and make the support more balance.

Step 6: Stick to the Phone Case

I used silicone to stick it to the phone case. In the space between the camera and down, as it is shown in the 1º image.

The big piece must be stick in the middle of the phone and as near as possible from the bottom.

2 pieces must be stick to the extreme of the phone and at the same level than the big piece.

The purpose of these 2 pieces is to give stability to the phone so when you touch one of the sides, the phone won't move.

Step 7: ENJOY!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading.

I hope it has helped you, in some way.



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