Introduction: Part D: Making a Mushroom Log, Bulking Up Grain Spawn

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Material list: Glove box, Sterilized Grain bags, Sterilized Scalpel, Hydrogen Peroxide,Gas lamp or lighter, Mycelium on Agar plates, Alcohol , Surgical Gloves, Cooler,  Reptile Heater, Bag Sealer Bleach bottle.  

1)Sterilizing everything
Sterilize the glove box and everything you are putting in the box with bleach solution which is 10% bleach and 90% water, spray the bleach in the air and wipe down the counter. Use alcohol to sterilize hands before putting into glove box.

The remaining steps occur in the glove box:

2)Killing bacteria
Pour 6 ml hydrogen peroxide into each bag. This will kill the bacteria but not hurt the mushrooms.

Select the most hearty mycelium. This is so it has a better chance of living. Pre identify contaminated areas on the agar plate so you can avoid them when you are doing the transfer.

4)Sterilizing scalpel
Take the lighter, place the scalpel in the flame to sterilize it. Cool it in the edge of your agar plate you're about to use so that you don't burn the mycelium.

5)Cutting the agar
Cut the agar in to 6 cubes of the best looking part of the mycelium. (be careful not to use a contaminated piece)

6)Bagging the mycelium
Open 3 bags and put 2 mycelium cubes in each bag so that the mycelium can spread all over in the bags (only have the mycelium and bags open during immediate use) make sure you place in correctly labeled bags.

7)Repeating steps
Repeat with other agar plates and then removed the closed bags from glove box.

8)Sealing bags
Seal the bags to keep the mycelium from getting contaminated and the shake them until the mycelium is mixed throughout the bags.( try to avoid having the agar stuck to the top of the bag)
make sure it is buried in the grain so it has a place to grow.

Put it in the cooler with the reptile heater to keep it at 75-80 degrees

You should see mycelium in 10 days if you correctly did it.

Remove contaminated bags that have no growth or that smell weird.

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