Party Bunting




Introduction: Party Bunting

A great way to let everyone know where the party is or just as a decoration in a kid's bedroom.

It is quick and easy way to make this personalised, reusable bunting.

Step 1: Making the Pennants

1. We drew ours in MS Word* and used the Format Borders and Shading option to fill them in pretty patterns and girly shades.

Alternatively, you could cut triangles from old magazines, giftwrap, posters etc and use a contrasting colour to add the letter of your choice.

2. Laminate

3. Use a paper trimmer to cut out the pennants.

*more detailed MSWord instructions:
Select Basic Shapes from the draw toolbar. Choose triangle. Drag to fill page. Use FreeRotate to turn so that pennant points downward.
Using Format Autoshape option, on the colours and lines tab, use the fill effect option to select the pattern and colour.
Use Insert Text or Insert Wordart options to add the required letters.

Step 2: Assembling the Bunting

1. Punch a hole at the top left and right edges of each pennant.

2. Work out how much ribbon or string you will need.

You will need twice the width of each pennant + a pennant width for each space (e.g. between 'Happy' and 'Birthday') + sufficient ribbon to fasten at each end.

We used florists ribbon because if is waterproof, cheap and colourful.

3. After leaving enough fastening length, start at the first pennant in your message. It looks neater if the knots are at the side of each pennant and the ribbon between each knot is at the back.

4. Leave a thumb space between each pennant and a pennant space between each word.

Step 3: Hang in Your Chosen Place

You're all done.

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    I've seen a similar project made with fabric, but yours would be much easier to clean, especially after an outdoor party! Great Instructable!


    12 years ago on Step 3

    Brilliant instructable. Having made some myself, I can echo how fantastic these look and how easy they were to make! I've got a few requests from friends now for their children's rooms! Thank you


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! Kids love to see their names in print! Maybe with a little organisation, pre-prepared letters etc, they could be produced production line style at school fundraisers?