Introduction: Party Hairstyle Tutorial

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This Hairstyle is perfect for any Occasion. I combined three variation of hairstyles in this tutorial. They are

1. Individual Twists

2. Curl Rolls

3. Twist Braids

I hope you all will like it.

Step 1: Things Required

Step 2: Individual Twists

1. Before you start styling your hair, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner ( I used Tresemme). Then Blow dry it completely.

2. Separate your hair into three section.( check the image)

3. Now we are going to twist the frond side of the hair alone. So, tie the backside hair with rubber band.

4. Take a small portion of frontside hair, apply hair gel on it and start twisting it to the backside and use bobby pin to secure the ends.

5. Repeat the same procedure for rest of the front side hair.

Step 3: Curl Rolls

1. Divide the backside hair into six equal portion.

2. For this method, we are going to use fingers.

3. Take a portion of hair, and a few inches in, pinch it between your thumb and fingers. With your other hand, take the end and wrap it loosely around your thumb, making a loop.

4. Then pinch the end between your thumb and fingers. Now you slip the curl off your fingers and roll it toward your head and pin it with bobby pins.

5. Repeat the same procedure for the next 3 portion. (leave the 5th and 6th portion)

Step 4: Twist Braids

1. Take the 5th portion of hair. Divide into two equal section and brush your hair before start braiding.

2. Take the two equal section, twist both sections to left.

3. Wrap the left section over the right section to form the rope twist.

4. Keep twisting the section to left and wrapping them to the right until you reach the end of the hair.

5. Secure the ends with bobby pins.

6. Repeat the same procedure for 6th portion.

7. Once you finished the twisted braids, gather the braids and roll it around the curl rolls and secure the ends with bobby pins.

Step 5: Decoration

1. Decorate the curl rolls with stone clips and Beads (use hair pins for beads).

2. Once it done, apply hair spray on the curl rolls and braids.

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