Introduction: Party Start Alarm With BT Settings

Lot of party's on the way. In every party we start at a time. Most time it may be count down. Now a surprise party starter where every one don't know. Its a alarm with music and light. I use Blue tooth car app to change the set up time and current time. Its interesting in program with date and time. In linkit one it is biggest program i write up to now. The program have almost 650 lines.

While decorate for party just add this time piece with ur connection and set the time even before a week. It start the party even u absent.

Actually i plan for my wife birthday party. But can't able to finish at that time. First i plan keep it all in a box with gift and go to sleep. Correctly at midnight the party lights on and birthday music play. So at dark she fell surprise and open the box to find the gift. Now plan to use on new year.

Step 1: Materials Required

1) Linkit one board with Blue tooth antenna.

2) LCD display

3) Relay module.

4) Speakers

5) Party Lights

6) Plain PCB.

7) Push button.

8) Smart phone with android free app Bluetooth RC car Download from here.

Step 2: Circuit Plan

1) Use storageFlash to store the MP3 song because if sd card is used I cant able to use digital pins.

2) Connect the Serial LCd display to +5v,GND and Tx of the serial1.

3) Connect the push button to A1 of the Linkit one (i use the same circuit board build for previous project so i use analog pin if new use any digital pin)

4) Connect the relay module to the digital pin13.

Step 3: Circuit Setup

1) Make a shield from Plan pcb to connect to the linkit one board and components.

2) Solder the push button on the top of the board.

3) After solder all the components as per plan connect the shield with the Link it one board.

Step 4: Program

1) As i already said in intro this is the biggest program i write in Linkit one.

2) The program is up to industrial level. To change settings and save set time.

3) Libraries used here are

a) Blue tooth Library.

b) Audio Library.

c) Date Time Library.

d) EEPROM Library.

4) Use Bluetooth library with android app to set the current time and set the alarm set time.

5) Use Audio Library to play song at the set time.

6) User datatime library to get the RTC time.

7) Use EEPROM library to save the settime.

8) Program contain lot of sub programs to format date and control leap year, month etc...

9) Go through the programs and u found lot and lot of conditions, its in marketable indicator level.

Step 5: Assemble and Arrangement

1) Assemble the whole unit in a box, use battery for Linkit one so even power off the time remain the same.

2) I used the box already i used for Intelligent Calling bell.

3) Now arrange. For demo purpose i arrange all in the floor.

4) For real time use connect all in a secret place and just give connection to the speakers and lights.

5) Connect the Speakers to the audio jack of the linkit one board.

6) Connect the party light to the power supply through Relay control board com and no.

(At the last minute my single 5V relay module not working so i use my 4 12V relay module)

7) All done set the current time and Alarm time.

Step 6: Setup Alarm

1) Use the android app u can able to change the current time and set time.

2) Use the Push button over the board to change between the menu between set time and cut time.

3) After Alarm start and music play if u want to stop it use the same push button.

4) See how to change and set in the video.

Step 7: Lets Rock and Roll

I plan to demo the New year night party. So set current time to 31/dec/2015 23:55 and set the alarm time to 01/jan/2016 00:00. Switch off all the lights see how it works. I load a soft music, and also its a night time 3.00 time i put the volume very low. All working fine see the video. Plan to use it for up coming parties.

But most surprise one is assemble all in a closed box and put a gift near the bulb. Close the box. Act like u don't remember ur wife birthday and act like fall as sleep. Sharp at mid night the Song start when she open the box lights fill the room and ur special gift inside the box.

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