Introduction: Passive Speaker Made With Paper Board

This is an indestructible for a passive speaker/phone dock.

When a phone playing music is paired with it, the sound is channelled around and up out from the dock, so as to amplify the sound played.

What you will need:

1000gsm paper board

Passive speaker printouts


Knife or craft knife


Hand Rivet Gun

Leather hole puncher

Large flange 4.8mm Diameter/1.6 - 6.4mm Grip (Or any wide short rivets that will fit, the large flange was picked primarily for its looks) Alternately Chicago screws could be used instead

M5 brass washer

Step 1: Gather Printouts and Cut Out Shapes, Along With Punching Holes

Using your ruler and knife. carefully and accurately cut out the printouts to prepare to trace them on the 1000gsm paper board

Step 2: Trace

Trace out the printouts to the 1000 gsm Card cut the shapes out and punch the holes.

Trace along the lines and score them, to allow folding (Practice this first on some scrap card to get it right)

Step 3: Test Fit

Make sure everything fits correctly by assembling the parts before riveting them together!!
I had to remark 2 holes with grey lead, so I could re punch them but everything else fit correctly.

Step 4: Rivet Time!

Starting at the phone pouch, start riveting everything together!

Make sure to hold the washers together to ensure they stay tight and in the proper place.

Step 5: Done!

Now listen to whatever music or podcasts you want.

The top part of the screen is exposed to allow track listing info