Introduction: Patching a Leaky Coil Pack

This coil pack actually arcs off to the support shown opposite the spark plug wire. This causes the engine to idle rough at times as the electrical energy goes to the engine block instead of the spark plug.

Time to fix this nuisance.

Step 1: Removing the Coil Pack.

The 12 volt connector and outgoing spark plug wire both need to come off. The two 10mm bolts also are to be removed. The coil pack simply lifts off the spark plug tube.

Step 2: Servicing the Coil Pack.

I used a clean rag to remove the oil and grime from the silicone boot. Inside the boot there is a double coil and resistor. I stretched the springs a bit to ensure proper connection between the spark plug and the coil pack.

Step 3: Patching the Electrical Energy Leaks.

Using the all purpose silicone adhesive, I applied liberal amounts to the side prone to arcing and the inner lip of the boot. Silicone is a great electrical insulator and should work great to stop the arcing.

Step 4: Reinstallation and Completion!

Installing the coil pack was straightforward. Now there is silicone insulation against arcing. Starting the engine, it idled very smoothly and I'm very happy now!