Introduction: Pauls Green Watering Machine ( Watering Can)

Whilst searching for make you own watering can on here most if not all was a bit two basic for me i wanted something that looked and worked like a watering can using rubbish so here it is hope you try it out.

Step 1: Material Reguired

1. Pop, soda, beer can or any can will do.even a plastic bottle will do.
2. Plastic spoons 2 off
3. Drinking straws (large diameter)
4. A piece of stif wire (coat hanger)

Step 2: Tools Required

1. Wire cutters
2. Pliars
3. Electric drill, drill bit small 1 mm or nail.
4. Glue gun or epoxy glue
5. Round file
6. Craft knife

Step 3: The Can

I cut the top of the can but this is not needed it is easier to fill this way
To cut the top off i used the craft knife to go around the inside lip taking it slow and easy go around about 10 timed until it starts to cut through then using the pliers through the drinking hole slowly tear the top off if you has cut deep enough it comes away easy ,Then using the back of the pliers go around the inside of the can where it was cut this will remove the sharp edges.

At the base of the can where you want the spout cut a hole the same dia as your straw i just use the craft knife and cut a cross and pushed the flaps in.

Step 4: Trim the Straw

Lay the can down pick up the straw and lay it down beside it and then cut the end at the angle you want this helps the water to flow .

Step 5: The Rose

Take the spoons an break of the handle this is not always easy some spoond are hard and will shatter i had soft ones and by bending them a few timed they broke where i wanted.
Now take your drill and drill one spoon with lots of small holes for the rose(Rose the part of the can where the water comes out in a multi spray) Look at picture

Step 6: File the Rose

Then at the back of the spoons file half a circle as per the picture the same in both so that the straw will go inside when you put the spoons together , When you have this glue the two halves together so that it becomes rounded like a sunflower seed, Keep glue away from your filed hole .

Step 7: Assembly

Next glue the straw into the can keeping the straw at the required angle and the other end above the height of the top of the can then take one of the spoon handles and glue it between the can and the spout (straw).
Now back to the Rose /sprinkler this can be put with the holes to the top or bottom I found it best to the bottom as there is not enough pressure for a good spray the choice is yours.

Step 8: The Handle

The handle is made with a piece of coat hanger wire or stiff wire this is a very inportant part if you dont put one on when the can is empty it falls over there are many ways to make the handle so bend as you require then stick it to the can.

Step 9: A Few Different I Have Made

a small selection i have made

Step 10: And a Few More

Step 11: Without Cutting the Top

without cutting off the top safer if you have little ones around.