Introduction: Pea Trellis Made From Tomato Cage

This simple to make pea trellis requires minimal supplies and effort, and you can reuse what you already have for your garden.


1 x tomato cage

1 x roll of sturdy twine or string

4 x metal garden stakes

1 x pack of pea seeds

1 x pair of scissors

Step 1: Tie Tomato Cage Bottom

Tie one end of your string to one of the tomato cage prongs. Then, tightly wrap the string around all the prongs to form a teepee-like top. Cut and finish off the wrap with a tight knot. Safety note - the prongs are springy and can fling back, causing injury if not held together properly.

Step 2: Create Additional Surface to Climb

Standard peas are climbing vines, but a tomato cage only has three poles to climb. Add any number of additional lines of string to provide more surface to climb. Unless preferred, there is no need to cut the strings, but instead, tie the string at the teepee top. Then complete consecutive passes of up/down string wrapping with a final tie at the top. Completing this method minimizes waste as the string remains intact and reusable.

Step 3: Plant Seeds

Plant and water pea seeds according to package directions.

Step 4: Secure Trellis

Secure trellis to ground using metal garden stakes or similar method.

Step 5: Admire and Grow

The peas should naturally climb the trellis; however, feel free to gently guide the plants toward the trellis.


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