Peaceful Stitches Earrings

Introduction: Peaceful Stitches Earrings

- 2 Elaine Ray ceramic charms
- 2 large kidney wires
- 4 crimp beads, size #4
- 28 inches waxed linen, cut into 2-14 inch pieces
- 2 jump rings, 7mm
- 2 jump rings, 3x4mm

- Chain nose pliers
- Scissors

Finished length 3 inches

Click Here for a printable version of this tutorial

Step 1: Crimp the Linen to the Ear Wire

Thread a crimp bead onto a kidney wire. Fit the end of a 14 inch piece of linen into the crimp. Using your chain nose pliers flatten the crimp completely as shown. Loop the linen around and back through itself as shown. Pull linen snugly so that a small loop is created in the linen. Repeat this technique, looping the linen through itself to create stitches up the front of the ear wire. Continue stitching the linen 1.25 inches up the front of the ear wire. Keep the stitches evenly spaced.

Step 2: Crimp the End of the Looped Linen

Thread a crimp on the ear wire and feed the end of the linen through the crimp. Using your chain nose pliers flatten the crimp. Using your scissors trim the extra linen, retain the scrap.

Step 3: Attach Charm to Ear Wire

Feed a 7 mm jump ring through an Elaine Ray charm and close securely. Using an oval jump ring attach the charm to the ear wire. Thread the linen scrap through the front of the 7 mm jump ring and tie a double knot. Trim linen and fray ends. Repeat steps 1-3 to create the second earring.

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