Introduction: Peanut Milk - Nutrient Drink for Whole Family.

You can get cow milk, soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, you can name it. But you might not be able to find peanut milk in any grocery store.
Summer time, I usually buy lots of raw shelled peanuts from local farmer market. My husband like simply boiled peanuts but we still have a lot left. If you don't eat them soon, the peanut will get dried. So I un-shelled the left over raw peanuts to make a fresh homemade nutrient healthy drink for my whole family. My husband loves it, kid loves it.

Step 1: Prepare

In previous post, I instruct how to make corn milk. It is pretty the same to do with peanut milk.

Submerge the peanut kernels in warm water for about 1 hour. You may leave it over night to make it even softer.

Strain the water, pour peanuts into the blender and water with ratio 1:4. If you have 1 cup of peanuts, you need 4 cups of water. After a try, you might wanna adjust more or less water depending how you like the condense of milk.

Blend peanut with 3/4 water until smooth. Filter it into a bowl. Blend wet ground peanut one more time with 1/4 water left. Filter it.

If you prefer, strain the filtered liquid through 2 layers of cheese cloth.

Step 2: Cook

Throw in some pandan leaves.

Bring the liquid mixture pot to boil over low medium heat. Stir frequently.

When it start to boil, pour in a cup of milk or cream or coconut milk and some rock sugar pieces.

It is no need to add anything if you want to. It tastes good enough.

Wait until it is boiling again and you've done.

Vanilla is a substitution if you can't get any pandan leaves. The last step is that you mix a teaspoon of vanilla right after you turn of the heat. Stir it well.

Simple, right? And now you have a fresh, healthy homemade milk for your loved ones.

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Enjoy! :)