Introduction: Pebble Time Charging Cable From Pebble Original

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The Pebble Time has a different charging cable than the original Pebble Smartwatch, but it's possible to modify the original cable to work with the Pebble Time.

  1. Remove the plastic barrier between the pins.
    (I removed the whole barrier, but a better idea would to just trim away the outer portion so that it fits in the Pebble Time.)
  2. Open the connector
  3. Remove the black wire from the pin and solder it to the magnet.
  4. Put the connector back together

Step 1: Open the Connector

With a sharp knife, score the edges of the connector where the two pieces are joined together.
It should pop open easily.

Step 2: Clip Off the Black Wire and Solder It to the Magnet

  1. Scrape off the glue around the pin with the black wire.
  2. Clip off the black wire close to the pin.
  3. Use a small file to roughen up the surface of one of the magnets
  4. Use a soldering iron to add a drop of solder to the magnet.
    Be careful not to use too much heat and melt the plastic!
  5. Strip the black wire and solder it to the magnet

Step 3: Use Hot Glue to Hold It All Together

Use a small amount of hot glue to hold the wires in place.

Glue the connector halves back together.

Step 4: Test Charging Your Pebble Time

Plug in the cable to a live USB port or USB charging adapter.

Click the charging connector to your Pebble Time. Make sure the pins are aligned to contacts on the Pebble.

Check that it charges.

Note: The cable only works in one orientation.
To make it work in both orientations, I think you'd need to connect the red wire to both of the pins. I haven't tried this.)