Introduction: Pedistal Sandbox

It was this or dig up a tree root.

Step 1: Template

To get the scale I used the kids sidewalk chalk and drew it on the garage floor.

Step 2: Transfer

Once the bottom has been cut, lay each piece on a full sheet of ply wood and then trace. This will soon be the top.

Step 3: Router

Before cutting the top, run the dado the full length ( about 1 1/"2 from inside line). Do the same for the bottom portion for this is the track in which your bending ply will sit.

Step 4: Bending Ply

Make the grain go from north to south. Cut to length but don't install until you attach the base to the stump.

Step 5: Level the Stump

About 30" from ground to base. Chainsaw works well.

Step 6: Build Support Box

I used the chainsaw to seat the 2x4 on each side.

Step 7: Install Base

Step 8: Install Sides and Top

I used a couple coats of stain.

Step 9: Add Poly

Make sure to drill a couple of small holes through the poly near the center of the box to relieve the weight of rain water.

Step 10: Build a Cover

If a cat sees this, you know exactly what they would do. Build a cover.