Introduction: Peel Off Window Art

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My son and I have recently taken up the hobby of creating window art. We bought a kit that comes with peel of paint, a book with traceable designs and a tracing sheet. While a lot of the book designs are really fun, we wanted to create some pieces with some of our favorite things. This project is fun for both kids & adults!

I discovered that using the laminating pouches will secure your design in place, in case your hand slips. It 's way more kid friendly than the tracing sheet that came with the kit. The black outline paint is essential to creating this art. You should choose designs that have some element of black in them. The colors tend to bleed if you don't outline them in black first and try to fill them in with another color. 

Window Art Materials: 

Window Paint - available on Amazon

Laminating pouches

Print out of design

Create Window Art: 

To create your personal window art, print out a design from your computer. (I used a Dr. Suess book to create the Cat in the Hat). Place the design in the middle of the laminating pouch. Use the black outline paint to trace the outline of your design. Next, use the black outline paint to fill in the inside design elements.( eyes, mouth, etc) The colored paint is the last step to creating window art. Once you have finished with the outline paint, use the color paint to fill in the rest of the design.   

The black paint tends to dry rather quickly. You can also create a marbling technique with the colored paints by using a toothpick. The same marbling technique that is used in baking can be applied here. 

Happy Crafting! 

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