Introduction: Pellet Plucker

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As a hobby, I like to fire my pellet rifle. However, the pellets are made from lead and I get lead dust on my fingers and wherever else I touch. We live in a day where society has been educated in the toxicity of lead poisoning. I came up with a simple solution to this problem. I made a "Pellet Plucker". If you're like me... this project might be of use for your similar situation. "Ready....Aim.... Let's Build"!

Step 1: Parts Needed

Mechanical pen with removable tip
15 centimeters of single strand steel wire (mig welding wire)
4 centimeters of 2mm heatshrink
Hot glue

Step 2: Tools Needed

Pair of pliers and a Hot Glue gun.

Step 3: Disassemble the Mechanical Pen

Completely disassemble the pen and keep the spring, push-end and housing. Use the pliers to remove the plastic tip.

Step 4: Internal Assembly

Heatshrink the 4 cm shrink to one end of the wire.
Hot glue the push-end to the other end.
Slide the spring through the heatshrink end and hot glue the one end to the inside end of the shrink.

Step 5: Re-asemble the "Pellet Plucker"

Put the new parts inside the house
Take your pellet and form the wire around it
Clip excess wire.
Check out the video!
Thank you for checking out my project.