Introduction: Wood Bee Trap

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I have wood bees eating me out of house and home. They're a menace and cause expensive damage. In this instructible, I will build a very simple trap. Come on in and let's get to work.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You will need:
1: 1x6 cedar fence picket from the hardware store
2: 4 wood screws about 1.5 inches
3: Empty water jug
Saw, wood screw driver, framing square, drill, and 5/16 inch drill bit.

Step 2: Cutting Wood

Cut 3 boards 12 inches long.
Put them together and label them 1...2...3...

Step 3: Board Number 1

Drill a 5/16" hole in very center.
From there, drill a hole lengthwise, about 3" apart from the center hole.

Step 4: Board Number 2

Cut out center of the board that aligns with the holes in board number 1.
This is the pathway for the bees.
Use two screws to attach board 1 and board 2.

Step 5: Board Number 3

Attach board number 3 to number 1 and 2, keeping them in sequential order.

Step 6: Attach Water Jug Cap to Board Number 1

Drill a 5/16" hole in the water jug and glue it to the center hole in board number 1

Step 7: Side View Diagram and Unit

The dotted lines indicate the pathway inside of the connected wood planks.
You are ready to hang the unit.

Step 8: Install and Bait the Trap

I mounted the trap using two wood screws in board number 3. I accessed board number three through the two bee entry holes. I baited the trap with some bee delicious flowers.
I hope you enjoyed this instructible.

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