Introduction: Pen_Stand

1. Launch 123D Desktop (Beta 9).
2. Sign In (Top right corner button).
3. Click on Gallery.
4. Search using string "Pen_Stand"
5. Choose the Category as popular to get the model.
6. Load the model.
7. Click 'No' to open in new document.

Step 1: Pen_Stand

8. Select the laser sheet 1 in the browser.
9. Click on Menu ('3' symbol) -> Print -> Laser Cutting Print.
10. Select the Epilog printer and laser cut the model.
11. Repeat step 8 to 10 for laser sheet 2.
12. After cutting, glue the planar pieces one above other first and then glue the pieces with holes. Your Pen stand is ready !

Link to the model:

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