Introduction: Pencil Slingshot Gun

My friend and I were bored, had some time on our hands and lots of random stationary. This is what we came up with: a "gun" of sorts that uses paper and elastic bands to fire pencils. I will be posting some different variations but this is the main version. This is my first instructable so please give me feedback.

Materials Needed:
-three sheets of paper
-one rubber band

Note: I have tested the gun and it is capable of firing pencils up to two meters away. Please be careful and responsible when using this toy. I highly recommend firing pencils with the eraser side first to prevent injury.

Step 1: Tubes

Roll two sheets of paper into "tubes" lengthwise and tape them together. Look at the pictures if confused. Make sure that the tubes are thin (2 cm in diameter), but also make sure that a pencil can slide through them easily.

Step 2: Elastic Band

Take your third sheet of paper and start rolling it from one corner and tape it. Make sure this sheet fits inside one of your tubes. Fold one end of this tube and tape over the other end. Place the rubber band in the fold and tape the end to the tube. See pictures for more detail.

Step 3: Assembly

Slide the rubber band tube through one of the two tubes and hook the elastic band in the space between the joined tubes. See pictures if confused.

Step 4: How to Use

Insert a pencil in the same tube as the rubber band tube. Pull back on the part of the rubber band tube that is sticking out until the pencil sinks inside the tube. The more you pull, the farther the pencil will go. Aim and release the rubber band tube to fire!

Step 5: Enjoy!

Sorry about the bad quality of the pictures and/or poor descriptions. If I didn't describe a step thoroughly enough, please tell me. Make sure to send me a picture if you made this. More variations coming soon!