Introduction: Penny Stove

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Penny stoves are one of the most useful camping tools. They can be used for emergency situations, backpacking, and even for outdoor chemistry. You can cook food and boil water with this simple stove. They are portable, light, and easy to make and use. In this instructable I am going to show you how to make an easy, lightweight penny alcohol stove.

Step 1: Materials

The materials you need are:
• two cans
• blade
• sharpy
• thumb tack
• book
• needle nose pliers
• (optional) insulation

Step 2: Cut the Cans

The first can should be cut to the height that you desire. One inch of can equals about 10-15 minutes of burn the blade in the pages of the book at the desired height. Leave about an inch of blade sticking out. Press the can on the blade and turn the can in circles until the blade cuts through. This might take several rotations before it gets week enough to puncture. I cut my first can at 2 and 1/2 inches. Cut the second can the same way but about a centimeter shorter.

Step 3: Sepperate the Two Halves of the Can

Press down above the scored tin. If you have scored it enough it will break off.

Step 4: Mark the Puncture Points

Take your sharpy marker and Plan out were you want your jets to come out on the smaller can. Evenly space each jet hole. I used 16 holes around the outer edge. Then use your thumb tack and puncture wholes in the spots where you marked. Also remember to puncture several holes in the center to add the fuel.

Step 5: Crimp the Sides

Use pliers to crimp the sides of the larger can.

Step 6: Add Insulation

If you choose to use fiberglass insulation then place it in the can that you crimped. However, you do not need to do this step. The insulation just makes the jets burn more reliably.

Step 7: Finish Up

Place the can with the puncture holes on top of the crimped can. If you crimped it enough they should fit together just fine. When you are finished it should look like the picture.

Step 8: Fuel

Their are many fuels that you can use for this stove. The most reliable, cheap, and orderless fuel I have found is rubbing alcohol. All you have to do to start the stove is poor some fuel on a fire proof surface and place the fueled stove on top. Then light the fuel. The fuel with prime the stove and light it at the same way.

Step 9: Thanks for Reading! WARNING

Thanks so much for reading this informational instructable. If you choose to make this, use with extreme caution. Fire is dangerous and should not be played with. I am not responsible for any injuries that result from this. I am also not responsible for any damage that could be caused by this.