Introduction: Pentagonal High-Tower Spring

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Today I'll introduce you a spring with telescope function. You can stretch and squeeze it.
There is an octagonal version of this model by 'oschene' (he is in my followers list) and I wondered if it's possible to make a variation of this model (pentagonal or n-gonal). And yes everything is possible if you don't give up.
The CP is simple to understand, it repeats the same pattern again and again. The only difference is the reversed folding process (mountain folds instead of valley folds and the opposite) between spring structure and frame.

The steps are very similar to my last instructables ('How to fold a Polygon', 'Pentagonal Antiprism Lampshade'). 
So let's get started.

Step 1: Preparations

You print out the crease pattern fullsized (attachment below) and bring it to the right format (cut the black borders off).
Then you precrease and prefold everything like shown in the cp.

-Blue is mountainfold
-Red is valleyfold

Step 2:

The glueing area is marked on the right side of the CP as dotted lines.
Glue and form the prefolded paper into a high tower.

Step 3:

At first you begin with the frames on both sides.
Please visit my last instructable (Pentagonal Antiprism Lampshade) to find out how to fold frame. 

Step 4:

To fold the mechanical spring you begin from outside to inside (middle).
You need both hands to fold from both sides simultaniously and you reach the center of the spring. It's a folding and twisting in opposing directions.

Step 5: The Result

As result you'll get a spring that can be stretched in 7 steps like a telescope antenna.
Good Luck and Happy Folding!