Introduction: Perfect Easy Rock Candy

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Step 1: Getting the Supplies

You will need everything you see in the picture.

Step 2: The Water

Fill your jar about halfway with hot tap water.

Step 3: The Sugar

Pour a cup of sugar into your water. Use the funnel so you don't spill it!

Step 4: CONTACT!!!!!

Pour the sugar into the jar of water.

Step 5: Stirr

Stir the sugar water until the sugar dissolves.

Step 6: Heat Your Water

Put your water in the microwave for about 5 min.

Step 7: The Sticks

Get out the 2 Popsicle sticks and use a knife to drill a hole in them

Step 8: Measure Your String

It should be about as tall as the jar

Step 9: Wait for an Eternity

String the sticks on the strong and secure it with a rubber band. Then wait. PLEASE COMMENT AND FOLLOW!!!