Introduction: Perfect Floating Paper Boat

This thing can float, and does not fall over.


Regular sheet of printer paper.

A desk or flat surface to work on.

Step 1: Use Regular Sheet of Printer Paper.

Step 2: Fold the Sheet of Paper in Half From Top to Bottom.

Step 3: Fold Top Right Corner to the Middle of the Paper.

Step 4: Do Step 3 on the Other Side.

Step 5: Fold Bottom Flap Over the Previous Folds.

Step 6: Do Step 5 on Other Side.

Step 7: Open Up the Paper.

Step 8: Fold Longer Sides Inward.

Step 9: Fold Bottom Flap Up.

Step 10: Do Step 9 to Other Side.

Step 11: Open Paper Up Again.

Step 12: Pull Left and Right Sides Outward.

Step 13: Put Your Finished Paper Boat on Water and Watch It Float.