Introduction: Perfect Gluten-free Restaurant Fried Cheese Sticks

I love cooking and have found a great recipe that never fails to be great. Since I have celiacs, it's hard to find good gluten free food sometimes, especially at restaurants. So I have made these cheese sticks to be very good and gluten free. Of course, you can just use regular breadcrumbs. These I have found to be just as good with gluten free breadcrumbs.



For the supplies I included 2 amounts for each ingredient, one for a big batch and one for a small batch.

You will need:


1 cup gluten free breadcrumbs, any kind should work. I use Aleia's Italian Bread Crumbs.

4 or 6 cheese sticks - I use string cheese

1 or 2 eggs

1 tablespoon gluten-free flour. I use Cup4cup

1 teaspoon of the following:




onion powder

garlic powder

canola or vegetable oil, enough to just cover the cheese sticks in your pot


small pot (1 qt)

cooking thermometer (candy thermometer works best, meat thermometer also works)

3 bowls, at least one shallow bowl for the breadcrumbs

2 plates

paper towel

plastic wrap or a cover for one of the bowls, not the shallow one



Step 1: Prepare Your Bowls and Food

Set your bowls next to each other with the shallow one on the end. Combine the breadcrumbs and the spices in the shallow bowl. Put the eggs in the bowl next to it and whip it with the fork.

Take your cheese sticks and cut them into fourths* and place them in the remaining bowl. Sprinkle the flour into the bowl.

*or any other size you desire. I find fourths work best for the ratio of breadcrumbs to cheese

Step 2: Prepare Cheese Sticks for Frying

At about this time is when I turn on my stove, you want to put the oil into the pan and turn on the stove to 3/8ish on (a bit before halfway).

Take the plastic wrap or bowl cover and cover the bowl with the cheese sticks and shake to cover the cheese sticks in flour.

Put the cheese sticks in the egg and mix with the fork.

One by one take the floured and egged sticks and roll in the breadcrumbs. Cover the whole cheesestick but shake the extra crumbs off. Put this one on the plate and continue one by one.

Step 3: Cooking

Maintain the temperature around 340 degrees (171 celsius). Use the tongs to add and take out cheese sticks from the oil. Please do it carefully because hot oil is dangerous. Start by cooking one until you have the timing and temperature right. They take little time to cook, 20 to 40 seconds*. Once they are done take them out and put them on a plate with a paper towel to absorb extra oil. Once i have the timing and temperature right, I do 3 at once, enough to speed things up but not too many so they get burned while I take others out.

*This part in the video is in real time so you can get a feel for the time it takes me to cook one at 340

Step 4: Eat!

These are great served fresh and taste best with marinara sauce. They can be refrigerated overnight and saved for a day or two. I highly encourage you to fiddle with the recipe and make it better. Have fun!

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