Introduction: Perfect Kid Boredom ECD Travel Kit

There is no doubt that traveling with kids is hard, there is no doubt about it. Hopefully, this guide will help you make the perfect kit for busting the boredom out of travel, and keeping you from having to give your kids Benadryl right before you leave

Step 1: Electronics

A good DVD Player and a couple good movies are a great choice but for a bit more money a tablet would be an even better choice where kids can watch movies, play games, listen to music, and read books. Another must have is are headphones, not only does it help your kids keep quiet it also helps with the pain kids always have when they cant pop there ears.

Step 2: Books

Kid love books? This should be a bigger part of your kit. You can include as many books as you need I would recommend 2-6 smaller children's books.

Step 3: Art

If your kids like art this should be your biggest section if not make it smaller. This section could contain 1 or 2 tubs of Playdough, markers and coloring books (crayons and colored pencils make a mess and or break to easy), I would refrain from bringing any sort of paint, for obvious reasons. If you are going to bring playdough or other messy things, clay, paint, ext. bring a place-mat or large sheet of plastic or thick sheet of felt. Felt collects small pieces of clay and other materials.

Step 4: Food

This is going to be a big part. Whether you are going on a large or small trip food is important. I have split food into three parts... Healthy, Treat, and Drinks. Healthy foods could include nuts, dried fruits, baby foods such as puffs, cheerios, and others. Treats could include any kind of candy or junk food. Finally, drinks it is a good idea to bring juice or water make sure when flying you keep all the drinks cap opened. Remember that when flying, your liquids have to be checked which takes time, and a few airlines, NOT ALL have free drinks on the plane. Your food portion should include: 1 part treat and 1 part drink for every 2 parts healthy snacks. Also include gum it tastes good but also helps kids pop their ears.

Step 5: Miscellaneous

Any other things your kid likes, fidget spinners, action figures, teddy bears, anything that makes your kids more comfortable.

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