Introduction: Perfect Paper Circles

Cutting a perfect paper circle is really hard especially if you do it free handed with a pair of scissors. Devices that cut the circles for you can become costly. Luckily, there is a way to cut almost perfect circles with items you have laying around the house!

Step 1: Materials

Scrap piece of wood (at least 2 feet long)

Old aluminum curtain rod (any length)

2 Screws to (long enough to go into your rod and grip the piece of wood)

Cable Ties

Nail or thumbtack

Utility Knife

Step 2: Tools

Screwdriver (Whatever type needed to drive your previous two screws)



Wire cutters

Pencil/ marker

Step 3: Mark the Wood

In this step all you have to do is choose what side of the wood you want up and mark the center along the side.

Step 4: Cut the Outside Rod

Now you are going to use your wire cutters to cut the bigger rod to half the length of your piece of wood, cutting off the 90* angle part.

Step 5: Cut and Bend the Inner Rod

Now, cut the inner rod to the same length as the outer rod but this time leave on the 90* piece. Then use your pliers to spread out the tip of the 90* piece.

Step 6: Attach the Outer Rod to the Piece of Wood

Using your two screws and your screwdriver attach the outer rod to the center of your piece of wood. Insert the first screw one inch from the edge of the wood and the other two inches away from that. There is no need to pre-drill just push down on the screwdrivers any you will be all set.

Step 7: Attach the Two Rods

Now, slide the smaller rod into the larger.

Step 8: Attach the Knife

Cable tie the knife to the part of the rod you flattened out.

Step 9: Cut Perfect Circles

Find a piece of paper and put it in your cutter. Add the nail where desired to get whatever radius circle you want. The arm slides in and out yo help you get different sized circles.

Step 10: You Are Done!

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