Introduction: Perfectly Spray Paint

These are step by step instructions to spray paint to almost perfection. With this technique, you will get a smooth surface.

-Smooth surface to spray paint

-Spray paint (Any color)

-Water Putty (Optional)

Step 1: Water Putty (Optinal)

If you are spray painting anything like the box shown above. You want to use water putty to fill in the little cracks between the wood. This is recommended to do 2 times and sand afterward so you can have the smoothest surface.

(Keep in mind when making the water putty, add water until it is a peanut butter texture. Apply on cracks and let it sit for 24 hours)

Step 2: Spray Painting

Like in the video, when you spray paint you want to be about 6 inches away from your surface. Start spray painting and keep repeating the same process. The end results your surface will be smooth because you did not pressure the paint on but you slowly added layers of paint.

(Note keep in mind that when you spray paint, you want to be in an outdoor area to be safe from the fumes.)

Step 3: End Result

The final step!

Just enjoy the clean surface that you have spraypainted. In this case, the box is painted smooth as can be and will be given to someone who will bring great uses to it.

Step 4: