Introduction: Permanent Soup Bread Bowl

I just love to serve soup in a bread bowl. I make a chowder a few times a week and really enjoy serving it to my many guests in a bowl made of bread. Rather than buy a whole loaf of bread for each and every serving, I wanted to make some permanent bread bowls that I could use time after time. It's the perfect solution for me, you must understand. And just think of all the calories I'll be saving my guests by keeping them from all that unwanted bread - I love you Mr. Atkins!

Step 1: Find a Great Fake Piece of Bread

I went to a great little holiday store and picked out a nice loaf of fake bread. It looked so real it was hard to remember not to eat it on my way home, I had to keep reminding myself that it was made of foam. Oops!

While I was out of the house working on my tan, I swung by the craft store and bought a razor blade, a pen and some straight pins.

The last thing I needed was a small bowl that would easily fit inside of my permanent bread bowl. I picked that up at the Goodwill shop and made it home in time for WWF, I do love that Owen Heart.

Step 2: Prepare for Surgery, Yes Please!

I used the pen, but mostly the pins, to mark out where to cut the foam. I learned the pin method just a little while ago from this project. Thanks pumpkin carvers for teaching me something.

Step 3: It Cuts Like a Knife

I used the razor blade - careful fingers! - to cut along my line and pop the top of the bread bowl off. Cutting in multiple passes seemed to work best for me. I'm so impatient.

Step 4: Remove the Top

I removed the top and then picked out enough foam with my fingers so that the bowl fit in.

Step 5: I Made More for My Guests

I repeated the process twelve times and then served it to my guests at this weeks chowder dinner. I hope you enjoyed my project. This is my first post!