Introduction: Personalised Travel Map

Hi everyone! If you love travelling or want to be reminded of the amazing places you have been (in a creative and easy way), then this instructable is the way to do it. I am making this instructable for my sister because she would like to remember where she has been in the United Kingdom (you can do it for whatever country you want). So I came up with this unique idea, have fun! :)


  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Card
  • Pen
  • Outline of the regions of the chosen country
  • Glue stick
  • Drawing pins
  • Corkboard
  • Pictures of the regions (cities etc) you have been to

Step 1: Printing Outline

For the first step, you will need to print out the outline of your chosen country with the regions (or cities, etc) marked on. I printed out the United Kingdom facing backwards, so then I flipped it over so you couldn't see the numbers on the front, You can also print it facing the right way as you may find it easier.

Step 2: Printing Out Pictures

Now, print out pictures (from the internet, magazines, photos etc) for each region you have been to, this is how you show where you have been and yet to explore. When you have been to that region or city you add a picture of that place until the whole country in full!

Step 3: Cutting

Next step, you cut out the regions following the lines the print out gave you. I found it really helpful if I traced the cut-outs onto card because the paper might curl up over time.

Step 4: Trace and Glue the Photos

Now you trace the outline of the cut-out onto the matching picture. Using a glue stick, fix the picture onto the card or paper (make sure it's in line with each other).

Step 5: Pin Time!

Nearly there! Place outlines on to a corkboard and fit them together. Get your drawing pins and pin them down! Pinning them means that you can remove the regions without any trouble, to add the picture on it when you have been to visit it.

Step 6: Finally, a Dash of Creativity

I like to add an extra bit of creativity to the final product. With my calligraphy pen (but you can use any pen) I wrote the country's name and drew little waves and a tiny fish ;)

Great work! Now you have your very own personalised travel map! You can display it or also give to a friend or family member for their birthday, Christmas, etc. :)

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