Introduction: Personalised Utensil Holder

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Bring a bit of feature and interest to your home wares.

Going back through all my little projects over the years, I found this one; Once I had found the tissue paper on wood trick (see some of my other Instructables), I started seeing possibilities everywhere.... my mate loves reggae so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make him something unique & a little bit funny.....

Step 1: Set It Up

Unfortunately because it was so long ago, I'm lacking photos, so I put together some mock images to show you the basics.

You'll need:

- Pallet wood (and or ply)

- Drill & drill bits

- Hand or Bench Saw

- Sandpaper

- PVA/Wood Glue

- Timber screws

- An image (or 3, you can do a collage of photos if you like, I'll try & do one soon & post pics in the comments)

- Tissue paper

- Card (A4 to run the tissue through the printer)

- Spray adhesive

Start by making your basic timber box to hold the utensils. Again, I apologise for the lack of detail in this part as I've not got pics, however if you measure and mark 4x even lengths of timber & cut carefully square, then cut a length that is as long as it is wide (a perfect square) you have your sides & bottom.

You can, at this point, drill or cut out little holes from the top section of the side pieces as 'handles' if you are able but it's not necessary.

Carefully pre-drill holes slightly smaller then the wood screws, then screw each piece together (keeping in mind where you've placed each screw so as not to drill into the same place). You might like to place a thin bead of glue before you screw the pieces together for extra bond.

Before you completely finish the assembly, leave one side free so that you can affix the 'feature' pallet pieces.....

Step 2: Make It Happen

Choose your image & edit it on your computer so that the print out will be the exact size of the pallet wood width.

(I use PowerPoint for all of my image related projects as I know the sizes are exact)

Spray a very light layer of adhesive onto a piece of card (it must only be tacky to the touch otherwise the tissue will rip when you're peeling it off.

Once printed & dry, carefully paint on (I use my fingers) a complete layer of PVA/Wood glue onto the pallet wood (sanded lightly first) and place the tissue paper picture onto the glue.

I've said this before in my other projects; once it's placed onto the glue, there's NO moving it, so be very careful to line it up. I even start at an edge an sort of 'roll' the image down onto the glue (to avoid bubbles too).

Either wait for it to dry, or immediately (carefully) place a layer of glue over the top of the paper to cover it entirely.

Once the wood is dry, cut it into thirds (or however many you'd planned for) and affix them the side of the box that's not yet put together (as per picture).

Affix all the pieces together & you've got your finished personalised utensil holder (or pot plant holder or whatever else you wish it to be) :)