Introduction: Personalize Wedding Gifts With a Laser

About: Hi. My name is Adelle and I work for Trotec Laser, Inc. In my spare time I enjoy sharing projects for people to use on their lasers.

A laser system allows you to skip the ordinary and enter the realm of extraordinary gift giving! Dazzle your favorite bride (and groom) with a personalized wedding gift. We took this boring pizza tray and customized it by designing a logo using the future Mr. and Mrs. last name.

With these simple to follow directions, you can also laser engrave a personalized wedding gift!

Step 1: Create a File

Download the file and open it with your favorite graphics software. We've included a number of different file formats to assist you in getting started.

Make sure you edit the size of the graphic to fit the item you're engraving. This would work great on pizza serving trays, cutting boards, cheese tray, baking dish, wood wall hangings...

Our file is for the Bianchi family, but this can easily be edited to the last name of the guests of honor at your next wedding, anniversary party, or house warming celebration.

Simply change the cursive "B" to the last initial of your guest of honor and change the last name to their last name.

I choose to do gray scale engraving. So the background font is very lightly engraved and the "logo" is engraved much deeper. The depth of the engraving is a personal preference, Choose what you like and make it your own creation!

The background is engraved with "La tavola è dove gahters famiglia" which is Italian for "The table is where the family gathers". You can replace this with a saying that is near and dear to you or the family receiving your awesome gift.

Step 2: Prepare to Engrave

Laser Settings

  • Since I'm engraving a round serving tray, I'm going to set the "start point" of the laser head to be the center of the material. This will ensure my graphic is perfectly centered.
  • Every laser is different and all materials are different, so for the laser settings I'm going to be general instead of getting down to the specifics. Since we're gray scaling with this graphic you want the "logo" part to engrave deeper than the background text to be less deep.
    • The gray scale of the background font controls how much lighter the engraving will be. For example if the gray was 50% gray, it would use 50% less power than what the black is engraving at.


Trotec's Speedy 300 has an auto focus feature, great for non-transparent materials. Simply place the material you wish to engrave into the bed, move the head over the material, and then push the both the up and down arrows of the Z-Axis.

When engraving gifts (especially when it's something I bought and not raw material) I double and triple check focus, the perfectionist inside me doesn't want to take any chances.

The second picture is of me using the focus tool, you can never go wrong with that trusty little tool.

Step 3: Engrave Your Design

and admire the transformation from ordinary to extraordinary.

Step 4: Clean the Finished Product

White vinegar is an excellent tool in cleaning many materials after laser processing. It's gentle and effective!

Step 5: Admire Your Work

I think our favorite bride is going to find this gift bellissimo!

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