Introduction: Personalized Candle

My grandchildren love making something for their mom and dad for Christmas. This year I wanted to do something different. Someone told me about personalizing a candle and I did not believe it would work. But it turned out to be so easy to do and a great gift.

Step 1: Supplies

Below are the supplies you need. You can use any size candle. But the size will limit the amount of drawings you can display. I used tissue paper like you use for wrapping gifts. Cut the tissue paper so it goes around the candle but does not overlay in the back. It is ok if there is a little space in the back it will not show. I also cut the tissue paper a little smaller in the height also. Make sure you use markers because crayons will melt when you heat.

A white candle.

White tissue paper

Wax paper

hair dryer


Step 2: Drawing

Now the fun part. Sit down with you child and let them draw something on the tissue paper. The more colors you use the better. This is great for any age. I have a granddaughter who is 5 months and I put her foot prints on one of the candles. I also added her name and date. Make sure you let the child put there name and date if they can write or you need to put it so mom and dad will remember when they did the candle.

Step 3: Drying

Now wrap the tissue paper around the candle. Make sure it does not overlap at the back. Cut a piece of wax paper larger than the candle so you have something to hold onto. Now just use the hair dryer on high heat and blow it on the candle. You will slowly see the tissue paper fade away and the drawing will appear to be in the candle. I started on the middle of the candle and worked to each side. You will notice in the picture where the paper has faded. Just keep using the hair dryer until the white is all gone.

Step 4: Finished Candle

After you have finished let the candle stand until it is good and dry. You do not pull off the tissue paper. It just becomes part of the candle. Let the child wrap the gift and you are done.

Hint: if you do not like to smell candles make sure the candle is unscented. When you are drying the picture the candle really smells.

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