Introduction: Pest Trap for Kitchen Garden

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Summer is almost here, and vegetable gardens everywhere are moving into high gear with the warm weather and abundant sunshine. The only problem are the pest,weeds, fungus etc. some how i have to rid off this pest.i am not interested to use any hazardous chemicals so i search on internet i came to know that "Many chemical and visual lures attract insects and can be used to monitor or directly reduce insect populations. Because these attractants are used in ways that do not injure other animals or humans or result in residues on foods or feeds, they can be used in an environmentally sound manner in pest management programs".so after reading this articlewith a little tinkering with 3Dprinting, you can head off most pest problems . The idea is to build a Attractant-Baited Traps control Pest Populations using 3D printer and chemical attractant

Step 1: Materials Required

  • Old PET bottles
  • 3D Printers
  • Phermone cake
  • Sharpe tool
  • Some threads

Step 2: 3d Modeling

here i am using fuision 360

you can download file from here

Step 3: Assembling

Step 4: Result

Pheromones are chemicals produced by some species of insects (probably in way more species than we now know) to communicate with members of the same species. Frequently, these are 'sex pheromones' which a female produces to attract a mate. once pest enters to trap they cannot go back and eventually they dies.

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