Introduction: Pet Origami Rock and Manual

This year I was stuck for gift ideas. I often get people origami animals, but this year I just couldn't think of anything good to make. When it hit me (like a rock). I could gift people origami pet rocks complete with a small manual on how to care for it.

This instructable is prefects as a last minute gift and it will definitely rock!

Step 1: Folding the Square Rock

1. Fold in half and pinch.

2. Fold the left corner to the fold in step 1.

3. Turn over.

5. Fold the corner to the edge and unfold.

6. Fold the edge to the crease made in step 5.

7. Rotate 90 degrees and repeat steps 1 to 6.

9. Fold corner to corner.

10. Collapse using the creases.

11. Fold flap A to the right.

13. Fold flap A to the top left corner.

14. Fold flap A to the center.

17. Fold flap A up as shown.

19. Repeat steps 11 to 18 on flap B.

20. The finished model.

Step 2: Folding the Sphere Rock

If the square rock didn't quite work out then you may have already figured out how to fold the sphere one.

But if not here is how.

1. Start with a square sheet of paper.

2. Crumple the sheet into a ball.

3. Add googly eyes.

Step 3: The Manual

The origami pet rock isn't complete without its instruction manual.

Firstly print out the manual, printer paper works just fine because you will be sticking the pages together and doubling their thickness.

Then cut out and stick together the pages.

Finally stick together the pages, they are probably better ways of doing it but I just used a couple of staples.

Step 4: Finished

You should now have an origami pet rock and manual. And it sure rocks.

Now simply wrap it nicely and place it under the Christmas tree.

Just remember to feed and walk it.

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