Introduction: Phone Charging Hanger

Do you worry your phone will fall off while charging or your hand feel tired of holding that phone? Now.. let your hand rest and let zip ties hold your phone while it is charging. And I call it "Phone Charging Hanger".

Step 1: Materials

You will need seven 20cm zip ties* and scissors

*the zip tie size depend on the size of your phone

Step 2: Phone Holder

  • Make two rings like you can see on the picture. Make sure to fit the diameter of each ring with your phone size.
  • Take another zip tie and place it through rings you have made before and make a ring. Bend the last ring at the left and right side equally.
  • Put each of first two rings to the left and right side of bent ring then lock it by binding the bent ring at each side with other zip ties.

Step 3: ​Cut the Excess

  • Cut the excess with scissors.

Step 4: Charger Hanger

  • Take the last two zip ties and place each zip tie at the side of bent ring with opposite position, one has head on the top and the other has the tail on the top.
  • On the top side, place the zip tie's tail to other zip tie's head.
  • The same step, at the bottom side, place the zip tie's tail to other zip tie's head.
  • Cut the excess.

Step 5: Done!

Ta you have your own Phone Charging Hanger made from zip ties.

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