Phone Holder

Introduction: Phone Holder

For my engineering project I decided to make a phone holder. This can be used in a lot of places.

Step 1: Get Your Materials

Not many materials were used to make this. It was simple enough

  • Two pieces of basswood
    • 3/16x3
    • 1/16x3
  • adhesive clear covering
  • suction cup
  • super glue

Step 2: Cut to Your Measurements

I made this to only my phone so would change that after taking the prototype. Since I have an iphone 8 I made it to those measure,etnts

  • 5.25h
  • 5.0625l

Step 3: Glue

next I glued all my pieces together and this was very tiring I have no pressure

Step 4: Impulse Desecions

while picking it up I realized my phone wasn't staying up well so out of not thinking I impulsively added the two woods in front

Step 5: More Glue

I got this off of my speaker and its what allows it to be evryehre

Step 6:

enjoy this cringe compilation of horrible photos

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