Introduction: Phone Photography: Tips and Tricks

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Here is an instructable for those who doesn't have a professional camera.
You can learn how to use your phone as a camera.

Personally I prefer to use a phone when I take pictures of products and for macro pictures.

PS: All pictures in this instructable are taken with a phone.

Step 1: Focussing

When your taking a picture you can always click on your screen to choose a focus.
In the two pictures above you can see how I chose a different focus, one on the hand and the other on the face.

Bright and dark
You can choose what you want but I would certainly do this. On this point you can make it brighter or darker by scrolling your finger up and down from that point.

Everything sharp
In some phones you can choose to take a picture with the setting everything sharp. Afterwards you can choose what to focus on.

Step 2: Perspective

When you take a picture, you can make the thing/person bigger or smaller by taking a different perspective.

The basic perspectives are Frog, Normal en Bird perspective, I prefer the frog perspective because it gives a grand feeling and makes pictures wow.

I took pictures of the statue, the first one is frog, second is normal and the last one is bird. If you want to take different pictures of 1 thing try this technique and take a look afterwards and see wich one is your favourite.

Step 3: Horizontal Vs Vertical

If you like to take pictures that look proffesional, these day's you have to hold your phone horizontally. These give the best pictures.

In the picture you see a guy who wanted to take pictures of the statue as well, he was pretty annoying because he was in my way but it was kind of funny because he was copying everything I did. But first he did it pretty wrong as you see he is taking them vertically.

Of course it is not 'illegal' to take them vertically, if you want to do it just do it, sometimes you have to hold it that way to frame everything you want.

Step 4: Golden Ratio

Keep the golden ratio in mind. It makes your pictures shine even more.
Either the lines or the red dots are important to follow.

The flower picture I made for my instagram account is keeping in mind those factors.

Step 5: Counter Sun or With the Sun

Everybody tells me I should make pictures when the sun is behind me. But I prefer including the sun in my picture, just like the flower picture in step 4.

When you take the picture with the sun behind the object or person, the effect can be stunning.

Though I have to admit the statue is not so clear when you take the picture against the sun.

Up to you to take various pictures and choose the best one.

Step 6: Extra Kind of Pictures With Your Phone


Ever been stunned by a view, but you can't take it in a normal picture? Then use the panorma setting on your phone, follow the white line and don't go to fast.

These day's there is a beauty mode that makes your wrinkles go away, etc. I don't like this because it makes your face fake and it makes the picture wrong.

Scan document

I used to download an app on my phone to take pictures of documents so they looked like scans. Very handy if you didn't have a scanner nearby. Now it is just in the settings of your camera on your phone, so just check it out and try.

Step 7: Extra Trick

Here is an extra trick for a picture on a sunny day.
I like to take the picture directed to the sun with your sunglasses in front of the camera. Just the picture in this step.

Have fun trying these tips and tricks at home!

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