Introduction: Phone Prank?

Sorry I haven't uploaded an instructable in sooo long! But in the instructable today I'm going to be showing u how to do something that will make ur family/friends hate u:) so let's begin!!!

Step 1: What U Need

All u need is to get ur friends phone when they aren't looking!

Step 2: Go to Settings

To start out u will just need to open settings!

Step 3: Then Go to General.

Now just click on general.

Step 4: Click on Keyboard

Now scroll down till u see keyboard and click on it!

Step 5: Text Replacement

Now click on text replacement. (On some phones I think it might say shortcuts)

Step 6: Now Click +

Now u need to click on the +

Step 7: Make Ur Text Replacement

Now in the shortcut section u need to write the word that ur friend texts u the most. The most common one is, ok. Then in the phrase section u write what u want it to say when the word u put as the shortcut autocorrects.

Step 8: Save It

Just click save! Then whenever ur friend types the word u put as the shortcut it will autocorrect!

Step 9: Ur Done!

Now just wait, and trust me eventually they r gonna be embarrassed mad ect... I know it's not very nice.. But what pranks are !!! I hope u enjoyed this instructable!
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