Introduction: Phone Triggers GEN 3

These are snap on phone triggers that allow you to use more fingers while playing games on your phone.

Step 1: 3d Print the Triggers

Begin by downloading the files below.

Note: This was designed for a phone with a thickness of .32'' (8.2mm) if your phone is a different thickness then you can edit them in a different CAD software using the files provided. Print with the flat side down (for best results) and the tab pointing up. Infill should be more than 60 % no supports needed.

Step 2: Measure Out Aluminum Foil

Cut approximately a half inch of aluminum foil off of a standard roll.

Step 3: Fold It in Half

Using a pair of tweezers (or just your hands) fold the rectangle in half length wise.

Step 4: Add Aluminum Foil to Trigger

Bend the aluminum foil around the small tab in a "u" shape.

Step 5: Apply Hot Glue

Apply a dab of hot glue on the inside of the tab.

Step 6: Insert Aluminum Foil

Quickly reinsert the aluminum foil back on the tab. Using a pair of tweezers compress the aluminum foil to the trigger.

Step 7: Apply Hot Glue (again)

This time put hot glue on the top of the tab and adhere the aluminum foil to it.

Step 8: Snip Off Excess Aluminum Foil

Trim the aluminum foil to your desired length.

Step 9: Make the Contact Pad

Bend the aluminum foil on the back side to make it flush with the top edge. Be careful, do not tear the aluminum foil!

Step 10: Apply Glue and Trim Off

Apply glue and push the aluminum foil onto the trigger, then snip off the excess.

Step 11: Repeat and Youre Done!

Do the same thing to the other one and your done!

Step 12: Video Tutorial

In the game, move the controls under the small tab. Then, press on the aluminum foil, and it will perform the desired action.

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