Introduction: Photo Frame With Sticks

today I will make a unique photo frame using sticks and photos attached without any other material.
Ok let's strat!


Fake Flower

Step 1:

First of all, arrange 2 sticks in a row then glue the top.

Step 2:

After that arrange 7 sticks in a row on top of the two sticks that are already in the glue. And make 2 more sticks then glue and arrange 17 sticks in a row above, to make the foundation.

Step 3:

Arrange 8 sticks then glue it parallel to the top two sections as a foundation.

Step 4:

Cut two short-sized sticks then glue the back of the stick that will be used as a place to put the photo.

Step 5: Put a Frame Then Make a Fence and Decoration

Place a picture frame on the foundation that has been made and cut one stick into two parts and one whole stick to make a small fence around the frame. After that, we put flowers on it

Step 6: The Result

After everything is finished, paste the photo you want in the finished frame.
Good luck!!!